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Recently we launched the Victorian Small Business Commissioner’s (VSBC) new responsive website.

At the beginning of the project we touted the VSBC internally as a ‘hidden gem’. This is because the VSBC provides a wealth of knowledge and advice to small business operators, retail tenants and landlords, owner drivers and forestry contractors and hirers, farmers and farm creditors, and taxi drivers and operators. But it needed to build awareness among its audience for the important services it offers.

The new website had the following requirements:

  • Increase awareness of the VSBC
  • Speak to a range of audiences who have varying levels of language and legal sophistication
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Simplify the process of managing and updating content

At August, we spend a lot of time in the research and planning phase of a project. We don’t like to jump the gate before the start gun as gone off. This phase is key to understanding the client’s audience and identifying exactly what the client needs to achieve a successful outcome.

To start, we held a workshop to identify the key personas. Persona analysis is a process that enables us to devise the content, design and build strategy required of a site to ensure the user experience is enriching. In this instance, the information gleaned from the participants enabled us to set the direction for the content structure and language on the site, and helped inform the design.

Our concept for a responsive VSBC site was different to the previous site. We refreshed the design using the colours in the VSBC’s branding, which aids the navigation by indicating different sections. Iconography guides the user throughout the site ensuring that information is quick and easy to find.

We ensured the content of the site would speak directly to the VSBC’s target audience. Mid-dispute when tensions are high, people want clear and authoritative information — not legal jargon. It was about making sure the language was easy to understand, accessible and helpful to the site’s users.

Spend some time uncovering the hidden gem that is the VSBC. And, if you’re ever in need of information or dispute assistance in a business or retail situation, you now know where to turn.

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