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Meet Lucas.

Lucas works alongside the August Build team as a Front End Developer. With a keen eye for details, he’s always searching for new ways to evolve a user’s experience or create better interactions.

Lucas takes a forward thinking approach to working in front end, constantly researching new ways to engage people and looking for better ways to build.

His focus is on creating interfaces to improve user experience, and he’s applied that focus for a range of clients across different sectors: including the University of Melbourne, BBC, Ericsson and GE Money.
When he isn’t striving for perfection in pixel form, Lucas enjoys golf, playing the guitar, and video games.

We sat down to chat about his tech goals, music taste and cooking skills (or lack thereof).


If you could meet one person (past or present), who would it be and what’s the one question you would ask him or her?

I’d ask Stephen Hawking what his thoughts are on Artificial Intelligence—and if he thinks it would be a threat to the human race. (Skynet, anyone?).

What’s one website you can’t go a day without checking?

BBC Sport, I’m an Arsenal fan so I have to check how the gunners are getting on.

Do you cook? If so, what’s your specialty?

I do a pretty good roast chicken, courtesy of Jamie Oliver. Other than that, I’m pretty hopeless in the kitchen.

If you met an alien what would you say to him/her/them?

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

What’s on your music playlist right now?

I’m going through a bit of an EDM phase at the moment, so usually been smashing out the electroNOW Spotify playlist.

If you could pick anyone as a mentor, who would it be?

Probably Arnold Schwarzenegger—I think he’d be able to assist with motivation, pushing yourself to your limits and picking yourself up through adversity.

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

<life>Lucas Mounsey</life>

What is one skill in the world of digital you hope to improve this year?

Hopefully mobile web development—progressive web apps seem to be on the rise (as hinted by Google) so would be nice to upskill in the area.

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