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Meet Elliott.

Elliott Grigg is a skilled copywriter who scribbles well crafted text alongside our growth team.

Having previously worked in other digital agencies as well as Fairfax Digital, Elliott possesses a wealth of experience in content production, brand development, editing and creative concept development. If you haven’t yet met Elliott, be sure to ask about him next time you’re in the office or if you want to find out more about our copywriting services.

When Elliott’s not crafting words for the web, you’ll find him producing music on a freelance basis for webisodes, branded content, films and lots of other side projects.

What’s your number 1 grammar pet peeve?

In terms of general writing faux pas, I find malapropism pretty grating – “I’ll defiantly be there”. I’m also a devotee of the oxford comma, so I often get a little shudder down my spine whenever I see an instance where it hasn’t been applied.

Is the pen mightier than the sword?

I think so yeah, but like anything, only if it’s wielded properly by someone who’s conscious of their craft. That said, I actually prefer to use a pencil.

What’s one website you can’t go a day without checking?

It’s not technically a website, but I really love the Panda extension for Google Chrome. It collates and consolidates a bunch of design, tech and growth resources from a range of publications, and it’s presented alongside top-rated design pieces and UI designs from Dribble and Behance. It’s handy because it auto loads every time you go to open a new tab, so even if you’re not stopping to read and analyse everything you see, you’re still subconsciously exposing yourself to interesting ideas and relevant concepts. As much as I love words, staring at copydecks for 9+ hours each day can sometimes get monotonous, so it’s awesome to get a nice burst of visual aesthetic every so often.

If you could meet one writer (past or present), who would it be and what’s the one question you would ask him or her?

My favourite book of all time is ‘A Confederacy of Dunces’ by John Kennedy Toole. It’s hilarious, but it has a really sad context if you look into the author’s personal backstory. I’d probably ask him to try to stay strong and share more of his immense gift with the world; I think it takes an envious amount of talent to make people laugh aloud with the written word.

What’s on your music playlist right now?

Given my interest in words, I’ve always been a huge fan of rap and hip-hop. In that vein, Kendrick Lamar’s been a favourite for a while. When working though I usually listen to electronic music. Hisham Zahran is an Egyptian DJ who plays a lot of awesome ambient techno and deep house; his mixes are really artfully curated, so it’s great to chuck one on for a couple of hours and get lost while getting exposed to some new tunes.

If you met an alien what would you say to him/her/them?


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