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Major Projects Victoria.

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Major Projects Victoria (MPV) manages and delivers infrastructure projects of state significance.

Work such as Federation Square, the Melbourne Park Redevelopment, the Melbourne Convention Centre, Hamer Hall and the impending restoration and renewal of the Flinders Street Station contribute to the economic and social fabric of our society.

MPV needed a new repository to house the wealth of information of its projects, both historical and current. It had been four years since the last website was developed and things had changed a lot in the technical space since that time. August was engaged to bring MPV to the forefront. We were tasked to build a showcase website that reflected MPV’s innovation and quality.

On the list were increased functionality and loading time, responsiveness, enhanced usability and an update of the site’s multimedia assets: content, imagery and videography.

To tell the story of MPV’s contribution to August’s home state, we let the images do the talking. Big, bold and dramatic, our designers highlighted the diversity and innovation of MPV’s work.

We complemented this approach by giving the project information a dedicated home so users could easily find related articles, media releases and the like.

Take some time and explore the Major Projects Victoria responsive site. There’s a plethora of information just waiting to be explored.

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