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Hector the Collector.

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A little-known fact you may not be aware of about August’s Rainer Vogel is that he is a published author. Having released his debut children’s storybook, Hector the Collector, Rainer knew that Hector needed an online presence.

Hector the Collector is a children’s storybook all about the quirky adventures of Hector. He’s a naughty but loveable character who collects strange and unusual things with some surprising results.

We worked with Rainer to build a site that provides parents and children with information on Hector the Collector as well as the two upcoming books in the series. On that basis, we ensured the design reflected simplicity, a sense of fun, discovery and delight.

This is conveyed by scrolling vertically and horizontally through the one page website as well as custom illustrations and animations. Users can scroll via mouse or keyboard so it’s great for small young hands exploring the site. While the site’s not responsive, it is optimised for tablet and mobile view so children can easily sit with parents and learn about Hector wherever they are.

It goes without saying that we were heavily influenced by the character Hector and all that he represents when creating this site. We were also inspired by Roald Dahl and Dr.Seuss – classic storytellers that delight the young as well as the young at heart.

This website forms the foundation for future Hector the Collector activities. As we mentioned, there are two more books due for release and Rainer has digital plans afoot for Hector and his friends; Stumpy, Digby, Eekie and Mrs. Woogahoomphtoomwa.

Explore the site and let us know what you and your family collect?

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