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August is part of SoDA.

We’re thrilled and humbled to announce that we have recently been voted in to the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) by the full membership.

While we’ve known about SoDA for a while, it wasn’t until recently that we thought we’d give it a shot and put our hat in the ring.

So, what is SoDA?

SoDA is the primary multinational organisation that is focused solely on leading and representing top digital agencies and elite production companies through unparalleled collaboration, knowledge-sharing, business support and exploration of how technology can be leveraged to transform consumer experiences. SoDA member agencies meet regularly and learn from each other. This pushes the industry to be better and enables us to improve our capability and quality of work.

Other agencies that you might have heard of who are also part of SoDA include Big Spaceship, HUGE, Jam3 and MadeByMany. We admire the work that these agencies produce and so we’re stoked to join a society where we can contribute and learn from other likeminded digital folk.

We’d like to say a big thanks to our Australian counterparts for their support, especially IE and Deepend who gave us a great rap.

What will we do with the membership?

In a word, learn.

We’re looking forward to bringing our experience and differentiation to SoDA but also learning from all the other agencies. Whether that’s specifically in a particular area of work, improving our processes, learning from projects that went well or didn’t go well and even picking up a few new tools along the way.

If we can contribute to the industry in a way that nudges a change, then that’s pretty awesome.

We look forward to using this knowledge in all our client work and throughout the business. It’s about improving our clients’ experiences of August, the quality of work we produce for them and sharing digital knowledge that everyone can benefit from.

If you haven’t heard of SoDA before, they’re well worth checking out.

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