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Super8: Eight intriguing articles from May.

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary voyage of personal and professional growth?

This month, Harley Crispin offers a collection of awe-inspiring articles that will ignite your passion, elevate your mindset, and propel you towards greatness.

From unlocking hidden leadership talents and reigniting your ambition to understanding the impact of algorithms on creativity, these captivating articles will empower you to reach new heights. Get ready to embark on a transformative expedition—it’s Super8 in May!

1. Progress over perfection: the better way for communication and accessibility advocacy.

By prioritising progress over perfection, Meryl Evans suggests everyone can better support accessibility advocacy. When you adopt a progress over perfection mindset, four key things happen. You communicate more effectively. You encourage a growth mindset. You are more flexible. And you celebrate progress. Discover how embracing this mindset can lead to meaningful and impactful improvements in accessibility for all.

2. Visually accessible data visualization.

Delve into the world of visually accessible data visualisation and uncover innovative techniques to create inclusive, engaging data representations. In this piece by Derek Torsani, you’ll learn how to design accessible data visualisations that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also considerate of people’s diverse needs and preferences.

3. Five ways to show you can lead — even when you don’t have a leadership role.

Just because you don’t have a certain title, doesn’t mean you’re not a leader. Discover five unconventional yet highly effective approaches to demonstrate leadership in various aspects of life: from the importance of asking questions to the power of including others. Explore unique strategies and gain insights into how to make a positive impact and inspire others without holding a formal leadership position.

4. The A.I. dilemma.

As technology companies race for A.I. supremacy, it seems safety considerations are sometimes taking a back seat. Here, the team behind Netflix’s popular documentary, The Social Dilemma, sound the alarm on the explosion of AI and its implications for society if left unmoderated.

5. Aphex Twin wouldn’t get famous today.

Have you ever wondered why so many cars, brands, and buildings look the same? This thought-provoking video explores the idea of cultural homogeneity and the impact of algorithms on creativity. You’ll hear about the commodification of art, the struggle for originality, and the importance of human intent in a world dominated by A.I.-generated content. With insightful commentary and a touch of irony, this video challenges the status quo and celebrates the importance of genuine human connection.

6. 10 powerful ways to use ChatGPT as a product designer.

Discover ten powerful strategies that leverage ChatGPT to enhance user experience, streamline workflows, and unlock innovative design solutions. In this piece, written specially for product designers, Jishnu Hari provides actionable insights and practical examples with sample prompts you can use. You’ll find everything from inspiration for new features to design system documentation improvements, and even ways to discover more tools and websites to add to your arsenal.

7. Where to start if you feel burned out at work.

If you feel burnt out at work, or you’re searching for a way to reclaim your well-being and productivity, this article provides a comprehensive guide on what to do. Packed with strategies backed by research and expert opinion, it provides practical steps to combat burnout, foster resilience, and create a healthier work-life balance.

8. Why is ambition important?

Curious about the power of ambition or the role it plays in propelling you towards success? Christina Marfice’s thought-provoking piece delves into the significance of ambition and its impact on personal growth and fulfilment. Through real-life examples and insightful analysis, you’ll find out why cultivating ambition is crucial in achieving goals, learn about different types of ambition, and discover how much is just enough.